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Why bother to use a specialist service?

We are specialists and our service is staffed by professional native english-language speakers with high academic credentials. Computer driven translation tools, spelling and grammar checkers will not be able to detect the errors that our specialist service can. On the contrary, the inadequacies of such computer software makes our service all the more necessary.

Will you translate?

The short answer is no. In the same way as we serve our native English-speaking clients with proofreading and copy-editing, we help you with your own english texts so that your communication becomes clear, free from linguistic errors and as coherent as possible.

What about the cost?

Can you afford not to have a perfectly worded web-site or other business material?  

As we have said elsewhere, your web-site and all your business or professional literature is the window through which the rest of the world looks in upon you.

It becomes a question of how you wish to be seen.

If you wish to offer a first-class service, do not undermine your own credibility with poorly presented english language materials.  Those potential customers or clients may just decide to go elsewhere.

What service do I need?

This depends on your own wishes, and we are happy to give free consultations and advice on the levels of service we think are right for you.  You are not committed to anything.  If you do not like the advice we give to you then you are under no obligation to use our service.

Texts produced by non-native english language speakers and translators do often need considerable revision or even re-writing. If you want your documents to be not only free of spelling and grammar errors, but also to be well structured, consistent and clear then more than a basic review is necessary.

Whatever service we recommend to you, we will be clear with our estimate of charges, what is included, and what the service will cost you from the very start.

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