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You may be unsure whether you wish to use our service.

We are always happy to talk to you about your requirements and the different levels of service that we can provide. You are welcome to a free-trial of our basic proofreading service so that you can see the quality of our work for yourself.

All you need to do is to send to us an extract from the english language text you would like us to review. This should be limited to no more than 100 words.

You can send this to us as an e-mail attachment using Microsoft word.  We will then endeavour to examine and return this to you within 48 hours together with any amendments. At this stage the amendments will be limited to corrections to grammar, spelling and punctuation – the basic amendment service.

The free-trial offer does not include re-writing or re-structuring your text.  If we think your document has other problems that go beyond the basics, we will tell you.

For a free estimate of our charges, all you need to do is to send your document to us, or a description of the document, the number of pages and word count.  We will prepare an estimate based either on the word count, or if this seems more appropriate, the number of hours we think the work will involve.

Only if our estimate is accepted by you will we then proceed with the work.  If you do not accept the estimate then you are under absolutely no obligation.

If you have accepted the estimate, and we have received your documents via e-mail, they will be returned electronically to you.  We will use track-change to show the corrections and all changes made, so that you can view every alteration that has been made with marginal notes.

If you want us to produce a final corrected copy only, then we can do so if this has been agreed as part of our estimate of charges.

Our service is global, so you can e-mail to from anywhere at all.  You can also call by telephone on +44 (0) 1536 312 617.

Alternatively please complete the enquiry form on the right-hand side of each page of our website.

If you have an urgent need for our services, we will work to any agreed tight deadlines.   

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