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Contact Details

The full geographic contact address for InglesePerfetto is 24 Browning Avenue, Kettering, Northants, NN16 8NP (England – United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland)


Telephone: +44 (0)1536 312 617

VAT/IVA Status

InglesePerfetto is a partnership under UK Law with unlimited liability. Despite being a business enterprise, it is not a taxable person subject to VAT in the country where it is located (the UK) and is not registered for VAT.

This is because it is able to take advantage of the small business turnover threshold regime. As a business without a VAT registration, IP falls outside the “business to business” (B2B) provisions of EU directive 2006/112/EC and can accordingly be treated for VAT/IVA purposes as if it were a private individual, meaning that Italian situated businesses are not required to include services invoiced by IP as transactions in their Intrastat returns.

Please refer also to Circular n.36/E of  21/06/2010 (Implementation of Directives 2008/8/EC and 2008/117/EC).

Because InglesePerfetto will render invoices for its services without a VAT registration number, Italian clients will need to follow the self-invoice process without charging IVA and need not include the same in the summary list of services received under Intrastat.


InglesePerfetto subscribes to data protection principles.

The only data collected and stored by InglesePerfetto are Client contact details, and for work which has been commissioned, copies of texts which have been received and revised. plus exchanges of correspondence or e-mails and records of telephone attendances.  

All such material is treated as confidential. Neither it nor any personal information will ever be divulged to any third party unless InglesePerfetto is obliged to disclose it for regulatory or legal compliance purposes.


Although in common use elsewhere, cookies (small files which are downloaded to your computer when you view certain internet pages) are not used by our website.

Regulatory Compliance