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People can make up their minds very quickly about someone new when they first meet.

The internet increases the opportunities to create new business and meet new potential customers or clients.  Their first introduction to you will often be a “virtual handshake” by means of a visit to your website.  With the increasing spread of english language in international trade and tourism, most businesses and professionals see the challenge and want to take steps to meet it, by making available documents and web-sites in english translation.

Sadly, those translations are usually not the work of native english-speakers, and worse still they may just be the product of a software translation programme.

Is that good enough?  Well, for most businesses or professionals the answer is definitely not.  They understand that in this highly competitive age, their website and all their business marketing materials are the tools they use to present themselves to the rest of the world.

How can you offer a first-class service, if you do not have a first-class image?  

That question will be asked by potential customers and clients.  Your business competitors will also be very happy if you have a poorly presented document or web-site. At we can help you project the right impression by carrying out a review of your english language materials.  We will help you to fix the frequently made errors which may otherwise harm your business image, leaving you with materials which are 100% accurate, clear and concise.   

We have the expertise at to undertake projects of all sizes, when you need, and we are happy to consult with you freely about your requirements. When you wish to launch new material (on your web-site or printed hard copy) you can speak to us about translation reviews which we can carry out for you as an on-going service.  

Other Services

You may have a translation which you feel confident is “good enough” to be understood by your target audience.  You may be the author or publisher, or an individual with a specific project in mind.  How important is it to you that your work is not seen as second-rate because of misspellings, errors in grammar and punctuation? will go over your work thoroughly and correct it where necessary, ensuring that your readers are presented with an error-free final document.

ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Languages

Many non-native english speakers achieve high standards in conversational english.

However, speaking and writing good english are different skills entirely.  

There are times when no matter how much care you may take over the preparation of an english-language document, you may fail to spot errors in grammar, poor vocabulary selection, incorrect idiom or inappropriate “register”, in effect the wrong level of formality.

If you are involved in preparing or producing an important business or academic document, you will want it to be error-free. By submitting it to we can eliminate all errors, including those so commonly made or missed by computer software packages, leaving you with a first class final document that will not run the slightest risk of embarrassing you.

Your Resume or Curriculum Vitae

What damage is done by a poorly prepared CV?

Some CV’s do not even get a second look as soon as the recruiter has found the first mistake in spelling, punctuation, grammar or whatever.

If the recruiter reads on, the CV will probably be cast aside by the time he finds the second error!

If you want to be taken seriously, then your CV needs to be flawless. Do not rely on computer translations.  Do not rely on the services of “a friend” either, unless that friend is a native english-speaker with demonstrable skills in proofreading and relevant qualifications to back them up and advise on grammar, punctuation etc.,

If you want an error-free CV then contact where we will review and correct your document. With our help you will be able to submit a first-class CV worthy of a second look, bringing you one step closer to the job or career you are seeking.

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